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What is Static Web page?

code-tag In simplest terms, static Web pages are those with content that cannot change without a developer editing its source code, while dynamic Web pages can display different content from the same source code. When it comes to using static or dynamic pages for parts of your company's website, having the most advanced code on each of your pages is not important. What is important is the purpose each page serves for your website.

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Static Web pages display the exact same information whenever anyone visits it. Static Web pages do not have to be simple plain text. They can feature detailed multimedia design and even videos. However, every visitor to that page will be greeted by the exact same text, multimedia design or video every time he visits the page until you alter that page's source code.

What is Dynamic Webpage?

wordpress Dynamic Web pages are capable of producing different content for different visitors from the same source code file. The website can display different content based on what operating system or browser the visitor is using, whether she is using a PC or a mobile device, or even the source that referred the visitor. A dynamic Web page is not necessarily better than a static Web page. The two simply serve different purposes.

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Static vs Dynamic Creation

Developers generally create static pages with HTML, but use languages like PHP, Javascript, or Actionscript to create dynamic pages. They can also use frameworks like Ruby on Rails, Django, or Flex for dynamic pages. Dynamic languages and frameworks also have the technical capacity to create static Web page content. However, doing so creates source code that is unnecessarily complex for its purpose while being more difficult to maintain.

What is PSD to HTML - CSS layout

psdConversion requests a lot of patience, above all, passion and love for details. For this reason, many automated tools can never replace the developer in the process of creating a clean code for your future site. Every detail must be where it belongs. Except great look, equally important is to organize HTML5 and CSS3 code to look perfectly and legibly.

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Your site, converted from PSD to HTML5, is tasted on all devices in order to matches your original design. When we complete the whole process and we are satisfied with the done, then we will send it to you to make you happy also :)